SILVIO CATTANI (Trento, 1947) 


Bangkok, The Queen's Gallery "New Ceramic"

San Francisco, Italian Institute of Culture

Amsterdam, Italian Institute of Culture

Washington, Italian Institute of Culture

Atene, Istituto Italiano di Culture

Rovereto, Studio 53 Art "Blumen/Flowers"

Berlin, Lee Galerie

Spoleto, Teatro Caio Melisso, "At the side of the star" on the occasion of the 52nd Festival two of the World

Venice Palazzo Ferro Fini, Veneto Regional Council "Oltre lagoon" Seoul, KIAF Korea International Art Fair

Naples, Angioine Male, 'Talismani'

Venice, Santa Caterina Church "The places of birth" installation and performance UCSB Dance Company/USA 2014

Rovereto, Fort Pozzacchio "Arteforte 2016"

Seoul, Hangaram Art Museum "New Paintings"

Trento, Pesaro, Venice "To live in the abstract"

Ottobeuren (D) Museum of Contemporary Art Diether Khunerth "Landscapes, visions"

Nantucket, Boston(USA) Art Cabinet Gallery

Rheda Wiedenrück, Kreissparkasse "Hohelied/Songs" 2017

Munich, Gallery Smudajescheck, "glass pages"

Qingdao, China - Museum of Modern Art, "Dialogues China/Europe"

Trento, Palazzo Trentini seat of the Council of the Autonomous Province of Trento, "Between sign and painting" Silvio Cattani/ Andrey Volkov - Moscow, Gallery A3

Trento, MART, Civic Gallery "Almanac 70.Architecture and Abstraction" Umbertide, Rock of Umbertide, 'Prime Materials'

Lavarone (TN), Fort Belvedere, "Arteforte 2018" Silvio Cattani/ Udo Rein

Rovereto, Studio 53 Art "Mixing/Miscungen" Silvio Cattani/ Udo Rein

Qingdao, China Zhongtian Art Gallery "Exotic but Family"