Gary Komarin


1951, born in New York City, the son of a Czech architect and Viennese writer, Gary Komarin is a risk taker and considered a modern master in post painterly abstraction. Komarin’s stalwart images have an epic quality that grips the viewer with the idea that he or she is looking at a contemporary description of something timeless. For painter Gary Komarin, abstraction has never been a formal dead end. Rather, it has allowed him to challenge the limitations of the style to make painting ‘include more’ precisely because a recognizable image excludes too much.

He is one of the representative artists of the New York School, exhibiting with Basquiat and Keith Haring. The attraction of these Komarin works is heterogeneity. He uses non-traditional materials such as industrial tarpaulin and water-based paint to complete the work, and a kind of collision occurs in this gap. This collision is not just a collision, it's a combination of elegance and weirdness, moderation and freedom, and it encompasses different things in one screen. Also, the figures and figures that appear in the work seem spontaneous at first glance, but you can see that it's a sense of Gary Komarin that's concentrated on the endurance of a long time. The playful images in his paintings convey the pure value of timeless art and give us a great impression.

Selected Works